About Us

   None of us are experts in Croatian grammar, so we can not guarantee that the things written on this homepage are all correct. We created this place for our own sake, to encourage ourselves to study more and harder.

   This is how our homepage is made: I study the basic Croatian grammar as much as I can. Mariko takes care of the rest in details. She studies much faster than I do! And then, our Japanese friend, Marsalade, puts them all together and uploads it here. We ask our Croatian friends such as Cedelion to proofread it for us. However, they can’t read Japanese and won’t know if there are any mistakes in the Japanese parts. That’s why we try to add some English, too. Sometimes we all get confused by the differences among the Croatian dialects.

   Anyway, it would be our pleasure if this site helped anyone to study Croatian or Japanese.

Your friendly turtle,