I am Kamegoro!

    My name is Kamegoro. (Kah-meh-go-roh. Kame means turtle in Japanese.)  I live in Japan with my human friend Mariko. An incredible thing happened to us the other day. When we were taking a walk by the ocean, I saw something sparkling on the seashore. I wondered what it was. Mariko picked it up and said, "Hey, Kamegoro, there is a piece of paper in this old glass bottle." We opened it and found a message sent from a far-away sea! (Click here to see it.)

    It was a letter from a person named Ivan in Croatia. He wants to be friends with anybody who has picked up his letter. Mariko and I are so excited to have a friend like him! But where on the earth is Croatia? Is it the Croatian language that he wrote in his letter along with English?

    We have decided to learn about Croatia and its language so that we will be able to correspond with Ivan.

    This web site is written mostly in Japanese. If you don't understand the language, try the language tools at Google. It can translate Japanese to English to some extent.